Waterproofing Application

The Merchant Line product family under the Mc Bauchemie brand from Germany is the world’s leading supplier of high-performance waterproofing and sealant products that safeguard structures from the ingression of unwanted water, moisture and environmental contaminants.
Merchant Line waterproofing experts in all over Bangladesh provide applicators with a unique complete system approach that offers the right combination of concrete repair, waterproofing and sealant products for the most cost-effective, reliable and long-lasting waterproofing solution.
We Provide innovative, fast-curing hand and spray-applied waterproofing technologies, whose versatility addresses the refurbishment and protection of a variety of structures. These bonds durably resist water and chemical attack, protecting the integrity of the structure, even in high movement and moisture environments.

Floor Hardener Application

Deritop FH,Dreitop FH Standred,Dreitop,FH green , Suntop FH is a pre-mixed powder designed to be applied as a dry shake over freshly floated concrete floor. Dreitop FH green creates an aesthetically pleasing, colored floor with significantly improved abrasion resistance. It is based on selected hard wearing mineral aggregates blended with alkali and light fast pigments and hydraulic binders .Experience team of merchant line with many years experience and training from Mc Bauchemie Dues will help to make your floor perfect.

Injection application

The Mc-Inject system comes with the complete system support provided by the Mc Bauchemie experts from. Through our technical service force, we are committed to identifying the root cause of the problem and the right solution for your construction challenge.

Concrete Repairing

Merchant Line & Mc-Bauchemie Solutions experts help our Customer ensure a high quality, durable concrete repair. With proper the train from Mc-Bauchemie, Merchant Line Concrete solution experts and well trained applicator give you proper application service for concrete repairing.

Grouting Application

Mc- Bauchemie Solutions’ family of Emcekrete, Mc-dur, Mc Solid grouting solutions effectively manage tensile, shear, compression and dynamic loads. These products are designed to withstand demanding conditions, providing safety, structural stability and alignment. Accurate application Process brings more effective and sustainable result.
This line of high performance Cementitous and epoxy grouts offers exceptional properties such as zero shrinkage and high fatigue resistance.