Water proofing System

One of the most common Concrete difficulties in Bangladesh is water runoff at your building construction structures. That this Filtering water not only damages the structures, but it also hinders the artistic appearance. Thus, it causes progression of fungus plus algae, moisture and also the peeling of paint or coating. Concrete is porous and has many micro cracks that absorb water naturally. This absorbs water pollutants, salt and other chemicals and causes deterioration. If you want to save your concrete and also make sure it has a lasting life, waterproofing is essential.
Concrete Waterproofing is a system that prevents water from your concrete structure from penetrating water. A waterproof method is very necessary as it serves to keep your house dry, healthy and safe. It ensures to reduce moisture absorbed into the concrete and thus protects concrete from damage produced due to moisture or water exposure. Water is mandatory for concrete treatment. Similarly, water is extremely dangerous for concrete after curing. So, concrete Waterproofing is a very significant issue for living well plus healthy construction