Waterproofing in Bangladesh

Waterproofing in Bangladesh
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Waterproofing in Bangladesh 5

Waterproofing in Bangladesh

Merchant Line gives total waterproofing in Bangladesh and also frameworks to business, modern and private structures in Bangladesh and Surrounding. With long stretches of involvement and a piece of imposing information on waterproofing arrangements, Merchant Line offers proficient interviews and free citations on all private, business, and mechanical properties.

Merchant  Line is the Sole Distributor of (MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. Bottrop, Germany). As waterproofing project workers, we offer answers for modern waterproofing, business waterproofing, and private waterproofing. Applications Combine Ground Tanking frameworks, Waterproofing of Internal Wet Regions, and Membrane Medicines to Decks, Balconies, Terraces, and Roofs. We also apply environment and fire evaluated sealant to various advancement parts.

As specialists with various years of association in the Waterproofing in Bangladesh, Merchant Line highly esteems giving quality workmanship and are asserted instruments for all of Bangladesh driving waterproofing frameworks.

Our consistently growing administrations incorporate waterproofing and moist sealing, yet additionally joint fixing, hostile to erosion, outside completes, and vertical arranging. Merchant Line likewise offers complete preparation to the exchange, with the chance of turning into a “Supported Merchant Line Applicator”. Our profoundly prepared and authorized teams have just one plan to furnish your office with the most ideal consideration. We utilize just harmless to the ecosystem and natural cleaning answers to ensure that you will have where it counts spotless and solid climate. This is finished with our demonstrated cleaning strategies that eliminate residue, scents, and germs. We utilize the furthest down-the-line apparatus to ensure that your office is liberated from stains and earth.

For your next building or remodel guarantee that you get the best waterproofing in Bangladesh frameworks available just as get them associated accurately. We use quality brand things to offer you a total housetop to tornado shelter waterproofing plan. Our quality things and significantly experienced utensils will give you results that guarantee long-haul veritable sensations of tranquility. For whatever waterproofing structure you require, go ahead and get in touch with us today for the best guidance for your waterproofing framework.

Merchant Line offered incredible assistance all through! The team was proficient, dedicated, and entirely receptive. I would energetically suggest them for other waterproofing occupations!. Many obliged folks!!


Profoundly fulfill the job! The specialist is on schedule, productive and proficient. Results incredible. Look no further for the chief waterproofing administration in our space.


Incredible involvement in Merchant Line Waterproofing in Bangladesh.

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Best Waterproofing in Bangladesh

Merchant Line has created and fabricated complex fixing and protection materials for the development and framework enterprises – offering many sorts of sealants layers, mixtures, and coatings. Merchant Line permits experts to give extraordinary fixing properties and shield structures from the foundation from the powers of nature. Merchant Lines innovative work is the core of the organization’s activity, where inventiveness and inventiveness meet the most trendsetting innovation’ to foster solid expert and imaginative protection answers for client’s waterproofing needs. Client needs may contrast. From mechanical waterproofing, commercial waterproofing, or private waterproofing, Merchant Line’s items fit this load of requirements.

We have been the spearheading organization inside Dhaka, Bangladesh providing a basketful of waterproofing items predominantly Polyurethane, Pure Polyurea, Hybrid Polyurea, Acrylic, and bituminous layers.

Our items are produced using the best materials accessible for these sciences and are observed under the quality administration framework.

Every single innovation has its application and position inside the market. “There is no waterproofing framework that is reasonable for all applications or conditions, a waterproofing item client to pick an organization that has the qualifications and experience to back their cases. Guarantee that we are the provider is an individual from an affiliation.

We have experts who offer administrations on waterproofing including; Design and establishment, jointing during development and updating structures, waterproofing of new and existing structures, grouting of emotionally supportive networks, and fixes concrete during development or development, and age-related breaking among different administrations.

Our organization has to be a major implementer of new advancements in waterproofing.  We have been occupied with tasks project which made us one of the biggest truly waterproofing in Bangladesh.

Merchant Line feels that it is vital for a waterproofing client to allow an individual organization to embrace the whole interaction from the plan to the establishment.


Our waterproofing services in Bangladesh have special viewpoints in that, that are UV obstruction, a perspective that empowers them to live ensured long term upkeep free. Our splash application framework conceals to 1000 square meters a solitary day.

Every one of our items is Eco agreeable along these lines non-poisonous and naturally protected. There are no instances of covers with our items because of our consistent inclusion perspective. Merchant Line items require no warmth since they are totally cold applied.

Because of our service strength and adaptability, they are sufficient to retain any joint developments. Our Great cement properties tie well on all rooftop surfaces for example tiled rooftop, IBR rooftop, metal rooftop, and substantial rooftops, and glass and wood.

Merchant Line has applied their items and gigantic ability on waterproofing administrations across Bangladesh.

Concerning innovations, Merchant Line just uses the most trend-setting innovations in waterproofing, their items and materials are unparalleled in the business.

Merchant Line Sales and Marketing Manager, prescribe to clients trying to purchase waterproofing items, to go with a support-free arrangement that won’t need any overhauling. he added that this arrangement will promise that no further maintaining expenses and cash spent will be caused by the customer on the waterproofing job performed, giving them entire genuine feelings of serenity.

Every one of our items is green and subsequently, eco-accommodating and great to the climate, progressed waterproofing items rush to drying which requires all things considered 20 minutes after establishment and they are additionally extremely light, by and by, they likewise have a long life expectancy contrasted with customary items and they don’t need support on the since quite a while ago run thus gives the customer a settled perspective.

The special part of Merchant Line waterproofing items and administrations is that they utilize just quality material and completely support nearby and abroad waterproofing items.